About Us

Miss Emerald Pageant

The contest is a platform for women of the Americas to have an opportunity to use their voice and talent to develop their projects and also to generate support for Native American tribes.

Contest resources are previously declared in the United States, which proves their legality and responsibility.


The Miss Emerald pageant seeks to support and promote the importance of Native American cultures at risk of disappearing, we want to open spaces of support for our ancestors.

The Miss Emerald pageant seeks to support and promote awareness of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. The indigenous peoples face higher rates of physical and mental abuse, poverty, poorer health outcomes and other related issues than all other peoples in the Americas.

Final Miss Emerald International: October 2021 will be held in Colombia, South America.


  • Age between 18 and 29 years old
  • Speak, write and understand the English language
  • Having been born a woman, not having conceived children, then participant may be married
  • Know the situation of the natives in their country of origin Be aware of some of the disparities (i.e., social, health, education, etc.) that Indigenous women in their country face each day.
  • Each information must be verified with real documents If applicable, contestants must provide documents to verify professional licensure, student ID, etc.
  • Have a valid and unrestricted passport within the Americas
  • All types of beauty are welcome, sizes, prototype, we celebrate the beauty of women in all its forms