She is from Trujillo, Peru, 29 years old is graduated as Lawyer, She speaks, Spanish, English and Italian, her background in her country is working with technology platforms helping Amazonian indigenous (activism) and also she is a Top Model inn UK.

Giselle Archbold

First Runner up

Is a native of the Municipality of Providencia and Santa Catalina Isla, 24 years old, student of the seventh semester of International Relations at the San Buenaventura University of Bogotá

Arian Richmond

Second Runner up

She is 21 from Bartica, Arian is graduate in Law and is a very popular Radio announcer in her country.

  • “I have learned that the point of life's walk is not where or how far I move my feet but how I am moved in my heart.”
    Danea Panta
  • "Peace is the balance of harmony, walk with hope the world is listening"
    Giselle Archbold
  • "Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. Together we can!"
    Arian Dahlia Richmond

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